Premier Preschool Curriculum

Faith-Based  Fundementals Curriculum

We use  Fundamentals and Sonlight curricula to give your preschooler and Kindergartener a well rounded Christ centered learning experience! With the Fundamentals curriculum, your child will have fun learning using theme-based  lessons. The Sonlight Curriculum incorporates faith-based lessons to help your child learn their value, the value of others, and how special each person is to God and how He has a purpose for everything, and everyone.


Micro School Curriculum

Fun & Different Approach to Learning

We exist to offer families another option for educating their child. Many parents would love to be in control of their child's learning, but haven't any idea about how to homeschool or the different options involving homeschooling.  We enable families to homeschool who thought they couldn’t because of lack of support, a lack of time, or a lack of know-how. Others join just because it’s easy and fun and they’re confident of the quality of education their child receives.  We use the Sonlight curriculum for our 1st through 3rd grade students. Although we know that microschool is not for everyone as every child and family is unique, we would be delighted to give more information to anyone interested! Just email us at:

Commitment to Excellence


Our mission is to demonstrate the love of God by enlightening the understanding of young minds through learning through play. While implementing this, we will be equipping them with the knowledge needed to be successful individuals in society; truly being ambassadors for Christ, walking in authority, and prosperous in all things.

Micro School Curriculum

Why choose a literature-based microschool curriculum?

Until you've experienced literature-based education, it's hard to believe that there is another type of education out there.

In a typical homeschool/microschool where Sonlight curriculum is used- like our microschool—this is what you can expect to find:

What kinds of books does the  Sonlight curriculum use?

A huge variety, in a wide range of genres. Biography and autobiography, historical fiction, nonfiction, school stories, mysteries, classics, novels, science fiction, fantasy, mythology, devotional, and more. Sonlight includes many awesome biographies of missionaries and great heroes of faith. When your children read these biographies, they connect with great examples of real Christians living out their faith in both everyday and extraordinary circumstances. Your children will discover Christian heroes who truly lived out their faith.

You'll also discover books that aren't written by Christians. Sonlight has found that reading great literature from a variety of viewpoints is tremendously valuable for children. Students learn to think critically, and they enjoy many moving, informative, and beautifully-written books, even if they're not written by Christians.

Sonlight's Christ-centered, literature-based curriculum teaches from the perspective of God's truth and his love for all people of the world. It gives parents and other educators tools to guide their children in the way of Christ as they learn about their own faith and heritage and interact with a wide variety of ideas and cultures.

As we read real books and discuss them with our children, we gain a huge privilege. We get to have many natural conversations with our children about things that really matter: character development, faith, citizenship, our role in the world, and God. What an honor for you to guide your children!