If God Be For You

God created the earth. He doesn't turn around and destroy what he creates per se. But when he finds sin, he DOES allow the enemy to come in. He loves what he has created. He doesn't give then turn around and mess it up. If God is for you,it doesn't matter who is against you. So we need to remember that nobody can come against the Lord and win! Stay in faith. Stay in trust! God knows what he's doing. 

Roman's 8:31

God and His Promises

When God gives us a promise, he means what he says! It's not based on us, but on him. He cannot lie and if we say that God decided not to do whatever it is that He promised in His word is saying that he changed His mind which would be contrary to Numbers 23:19. God never goes against His word. It's not based on our performance (works) but on faith in Him who has promised...Hebrews 11:1 As we trust him to do whatever it is he has said in his WORD, we begin to walk it out!