About Us

Meet your dedicated educators!

Ms. Nichole Williams

Educational Specialist

Ms. Stephanie Matlock

Art Instructor

For as long as we can remember, we have wanted to be teachers! I’m a mom of 5 children, and Stephanie a mother of 1.

 I  have a Child Development Associate Credential, Associate of Arts in Teaching, and over 17 years experience working with children with 4 of those years working with children with disabilities. Stephanie has extensive experience in working with children with disabilities from preschool to elementary age, a degree in Graphic Design and Visual arts!

 We envision our preschool being a place where our children can experience the love of Christ through education and become aware of their value and worth at an early age so that they can walk in the dominion, confidence, and the stability that God intended for us to have from the beginning! 

With this confidence, they will become productive citizens and kingdom ambassadors in this world.

Faith-Based Fundamentals Curriculum

We use  Fundamentals and Sonlight curricula to give your child a well rounded Christ centered learning experience! With the Fundamentals curriculum, your child will have fun learning using theme-based  lessons. The Sonlight Curriculum incorporates faith-based lessons to help your child learn their value, the value of others, and how special each person is to God and how He has a purpose for everything, and everyone.

Commitment To Excellence

Our mission is to demonstrate the love of God by enlightening the understanding of young minds through learning through play. While implementing this, we will be equipping them with the knowledge needed to be successful individuals in society; truly being ambassadors for Christ, walking in authority, and prosperous in all things.